Friday, January 23, 2015

5/12/14 Dentures and Celine Dion

Dear Family and Friends,
Another week in Camalig! It was a pretty rough week as far as teaching. Lots of days of walking and walking and no one wanting to listen to us, but don't worry! We are not giving up! I told my companion that if we reach the standard of excellence I will buy us cake AND ice cream. Hopefully that gets us motivated and finding some people to teach. We are also really trying to find all the of the less active members in our area and really focus on them. We are seeing progress with them and hopefully can get more people at church on Sunday. There are tons and tons of less active members in our area.
We are teaching one lady that I see a lot of potential in. She was taught by the missionaries before and I really feel like this is her time. She has been praying and really understands the restoration, just needs to get that feeling that it is true. We also need to get her husband to listen to us. 
That really about sums up our week...not much really happened. I do have a few funny stories though-
On Wednesday we were teaching an older lady that we tracted for the second time. She told us her age, but that she was still young because she has no teeth (she definitely used that joke the last time we taught her). Anyway, she then tells us that she actually does have teeth and proceeds to get our her dentures in their nasty jar full of water and then washes them and puts them in her mouth thinking that she looks so beautiful haha. She didn't stop smiling the whole lesson. I was trying so hard not to laugh and wishing that my camera wasn't broken. 
Then on Saturday while we were tracing we got the "walang tao dito" (there are no people here). Not the first time, but it was really funny to us because we were so tired and delirious. We wanted to say "what are you then?" but restrained. 
Also on Saturday we were sitting on a bench looking through our planners trying to decide who to go and teach after having none of our plans go through and this guy comes up to us and is asking for money, and long story short it ended with him singing Celine Dion to us at the top of his lungs. My companion looked like the was going to die form embarrasment, while I am just sitting there covering my face as I am dying laughing. Everyone around was just looking at us probably thinking the Mormons are crazy. At least it made us smile on a rough day. 
The best part of this week was getting to talk to my family earlier today for mothers day. So good to hear your voices and hear all the things happening on your end. It hardly seems possible that next time we talk it will be in person! Time is too fast! I will just be trying to soak up the Filipino sun, eat lots of fruit, perfect my Tagalog and plant as many seeds as possible (hopefully a little bit of harvest) until that day comes. 
I love and miss you all! Have a great week!! MAHAL KO KAYO!!!
-Sister Gardner

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