Friday, January 23, 2015

9/1/14 Coin Diggers

Family and Friends!
What a week! Definitely one to remember on the mission! 
On Tuesday we had zone conference. It was really spiritual. It made me realize how short our time as missionaries is and how we really need to give EVERYTHING that we have to this work while we are set apart. President Guanzon also talked about what makes a successful missionary. An obedient and dilligent missionary is a successful missionary- regardless of baptisms or key indicators. It was timely. My comp and I have been struggling in our area. We work all day everyday and very little seems to be happening. We know there is something that we need to learn though from it all. 
On Wednesday I got to go on exchanges in Camalig! Ahhh it was so good! I got to see and teach a lot of people! We taught Rogie. He is just the best. He hasn't missed a week of church yet and is active in Seminary. He is progressing in his prayers too! He was the member present for his brother and bore a really sweet testimony about the Book of Mormon! I am so glad that I get to go back to Camalig for exchanges and see the progression there! I also got to visit my favorite family. It was the best day. 
Now for the memorable. At Zone Conference Sister Guanzon told me that I need to go to the doctor and get my ear checked out. I keep getting infections and I haven't been able to hear for quite a while out of my left ear. There went all my money and then on Saturday we had to go back and there went all the money of my companion and the other Sisters in our apartment. They really are the best. Sooo basically we had no money last week. We had to get creative. Sister Hafoka and Sister Tavita got Pako from their area. It is a plant that grows everywhere in their area that you can eat. It was our ulam Thursday to Sunday. Then Sister Marila and I taught service to our favorite couple then asked for Malungay after (another plant that you eat). haha it wasn't intended but we were laughing so hard. Magaling teachers. Application baga. We also kept getting food given to us by members all week. Miracles. haha. People just kept showing up at our apartment with food. So despite the lack of money- we weren't hungry. Prayers were answered. The only thing we didn't have was rice- and you can't eat a meal in the Philippines without rice, so we collected all the tiny coins in our apartment that no one cares about and turned them in for bills and bought rice. We were laughing so hard the whole time. 
On Friday during lunch Sister Hafoka came home with a new shirt that a member have her. It is Japanese style. So of course we dressed her up and made her walk around on the street outside our apartment. Miss Japan. It was halarious. We were dying laughing. She has no shame. Anything you tell her to do- she is up for it. I have the best video. The people outside were laughing so hard. Don't worry- we know them.
This morning we had district activity. We went to Hoyop hoyopan cave again. It was a good time. Our district is the best. 
It was a good week! The work is still a little slow, but we found a few new families to teach this week! So hopefully they will progress! I feel that this is the week that the work in Guinobatan is going to pick up! It is my last week with Sister Marila before she heads home! I will miss her tons! It has been such a fun transfer.
I love and miss you all! Thanks for the constant prayers and support! 
-Sister Gardner

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