Friday, January 23, 2015

5/26/14 The One

Dear Family and Friends!
Another week in Camalig! This week I was pretty worn out and tired, but prayer is powerful! Whenever I felt like I couldn't keep going I would get on my knees and pray and somehow the energy to keep pushing forward came. The Lord truly blesses His missionaries with the energy and ability to work and be dilligent if we will just do our part and work. We are finding more and more less active members here in Camalig each week, but really struggling to find solid investigators. 
This week Lanie (our faithful member present) left on her mission! She asked if she could work with us THE DAY BEFORE SHE LEFT! Who does that? She is so awesome! She is going to be so great! We will be looking for a new member present. Girl, really good at giving the opening prayer and bearing their testimony. Any takers? You usually get free soda in a bag...
On Wednesday we had exchanges. Sister Aholelei and I were companions again and of course we had a good time! Lots of good laughs. We taught the less active return missionary in our area. It breaks my heart that an rm can become inactive after all of the amazing experiences on the misson. We were pretty bold with her because we know she knows the gospel and why it is important. 
We were able to find a 22 year old less active member this week. He really knows the doctrines of the gospel and has such a strong testimony. He seemed really bugged that we were there at first, but as we began teaching he was really open with us and said that he is inactive because he knows the truth, but he is sinning anyway. He said that he wants to be worthy if he attends church. We explained that Church is not for perfect people. If it was, there would be no one there. There would be no need for church if we were perfect. He got teary during the lesson and the spirit was really strong. He said that it was really good to know that there were people out there that loved him. I hope that we can help him to overcome his temptations and come back to church.
On Saturday we had a really good day of work!  We climbed 2 mountains- once to find an OYM and the other to find a less active. We were dying in the heat! We also got a new investigator- Rogie. He is a part member. He has listened to us once before, but we taught just him and he was super receptive. He accepted a baptismal date and seems really interested! 
On Sunday Leo came to church again! Seriously a miracle! Also on Sunday we needed 5 lessons to reach the standard of excellence. Sunday work is always a challenge and there is very little time with church and studies- but we were determined. After all of our appointments falling through, we were able to get 3 lessons from back up plans. We then resorted to tracting...and no one let us in. It was not the best feeling walking back to the apartment when we were 2 lessons away, but we did our best! 
This week I though a lot about finding and rescuing the one. Christ always left the multitudes and rescued the one. Being a missionary is so wonderful because each day we get to go out and find or rescue the one. If doesn't matter how many times we are rejected, because there is always the one that needs us. Whether it is climbing a mountain to find them, knocking on one more door, or bringing the spirit into a home where it has been absent for years- there is always someone that needs our message. No effort is EVER wasted!
I hope that you all have a great week! I love and miss you all!

-Sister Gardner

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