Friday, January 23, 2015

10/20/14 3rd Kill

Family and Friends! 
Another fast and busy week! I think I am going to drop dead in 6 weeks! We had a great week though! It was Sister Amone's last week as a missionary! I killed another missionary! I am getting good at this! She worked so hard her last week and we made the most of it. I will miss her a lot. We had an awesome transfer. It was weird to see her getting all packed up and realizing that that will be after this transfer. Doesn't seem real. I got my new and last companion this morning! Sister Boddupalli! She is coming from my old area in Camalig! She is from India and is so awesome! So hardworking and obedient! It is going to be such a great transfer. I am going to learn how to cook all kinds of Indian dishes and maybe learn some sweet words and dances. 
Sister Amone were able to teach a lot of really awesome lessons for her last week! We are continuing to teach Johnny before he goes back to Manila. He is so smart and so prepared.  He just lights up as we teach him about the truths of the gospel.  He asked us about Baptism and wants to be baptized, but he leaved for Manila this Wednesday. Hopefully we can refer him to the missionaries there. We gave him a Book of Mormon. He was so excited and he said that he would take it to Manila with him. 
We are also still teaching the Cortez family. They are so excited each time we come to visit. We hadn't been for over a week and when we came they were so excited and said they were so sad that we hadn't come for a few days. The problem is that they really don't want to change religions and they don't want to come to church. We emphasized the importance of prayer and finding out is these things are true for themselves. Hopefully through prayer and scripture study they can come to know the truth. The little girls are so excited about the Book of Mormon and said that they would take good care of it. They are darling.
Nelo is still my favorite! He is slowly but surely gaining a testimony of all these things. In our last visit he just kept thanking us and saying that we are instruments in God's hands to help him understand the gospel. He told us that during the lesson he got goosebumps and he knows that is the Holy Ghost. His grandkids are so adorable too! I love them all!
There are lots and lots of more awesome people! But still they just need to come to church!
In Guinobatan I think one of the biggest lessons that I have learned is to have patience with investigators. They are making such big changes in their lives. We need to be patient with them as they come to know and accept the Gospel. It will all happen on the Lord's timing. Not our own timing. Many of the people that we have found are really progressing, we just will have to be patient with them. One day they will accept it all and be baptized, but we can't push them to make these changes overnight.
On Sunday after church President Guanzon gave a fireside for the members of our ward about missionary work and uniting with the missionaries. It was so good and now the members are all pumped to work with us! 
Now for my favorite story of the week. We visited Rosemarie this week and she told us this story. A few days ago she had told her neighbor that she wanted 20 pesos of bananas to have out for guests to eat when they came over. A few days later the neighbor shows up with a 20 peso banana tree. Rosemarie was laughing so hard about it. Moral of the story- give a woman 20 pesos of bananas, and she will feed her guests for a day. Give a woman a 20 peso banana tree and she will feed her guests for life.
I love and miss you all! Have a great week! I will do the same!
-Sister Gardner

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