Friday, January 23, 2015

8/18/14 s l o w

Dear Family and Friends!
This week was an up and down week! It was a happy week and of course miracles happened. They always do, but the work is just s l o w in our area. We feel like we are the best missionaries we have been, we are working hard each day and being exactly obedient...but not much is happening. We always find awesome people to teach and then it will turn out they actually live in the Elder's area. We have officially become the referral givers of our zone. Some missionaries plant, some missionaries harvest, and some missionaries give referrals for the other missionaries. But we are happy and having fun! Luckily my comp is the best. We manage to smile and laugh no matter how tired we are when we get home at night. I know this week will be an awesome week of work though! All we can do is our best. D&C 123:16-17.
On Tuesday I got to work in my first trisome. I worked with 2 Sister's in Legazpi (not my old area- sayang), while Sister Marila learned how to get a job before she enters real life haha. We had fun! I love getting to work with the other Sisters in the mission. 
On Wednesday we taught a couple that have been investigators for a while- but they are so awesome! It was only the second time that I have taught them and the first time I have taught Tatay. At the end of the lesson Tatay told us to come back- which is rare here. Usually they are the ones who don't want their wives listening. We are excited about them. They are such a cute family! 
On Saturday we visited the Moron family. I think I have talked about them before. They are an old couple that live on a farm and work so hard every day. They gave us Buko. Sooo masarap. Tatay got it down from the tree and Nanay was a boss with the Machete. Oh how I will miss Buko. While we were teaching them Tatay said something I needed to hear. He talked about how if we were always strong we would never learn how to rely on our Heavenly Father. Sometimes we need to be weak so that we learn to trust and rely on Him. Oh how I love them.
I know that Heavenly Father loves all His children. He gives us trials to make us stronger. He knows how to refine us. If we trust in Him, He will make more of our lives than we could ever make with our own strength. He wants us to learn how to rely on Him and on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He does answer prayers, but not in our way or on our timing. I am so thankful for my mission and the 'refining' it has done for my life. I am forever grateful that I decided to serve a mission. The BEST decision I ever made. It is the happiest and most rewarding thing of my life.
I love you all! Have a happy week!
-Sister Gardner

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