Friday, January 23, 2015

6/16/14 No effort is wasted

Dear Family and Friends,
Another week had passed by! I can't believe how fast the time is going! We have another transfer tomorrow. My companion will be transferred and I will be staying here in Camalig! I am happy to be staying for at least another transfer. Hopefully we will start to see some of the fruits of all our tracting and finding efforts! I will miss Sister Ilago! We got super close being just us two in the apartment for 2 transfers. I am nervous for my next companion. It is always awkward to adjust to a new comp haha. I'm sure it will be a good transfer though!
This week was a good week of teaching! Things are slowly, but surely progressing in Camalig! Rogie is reading in the Book of Mormon every day and asking lots of questions in our lessons. He is even preparing his friends to listen to us. Blanca is really gaining a testimony of the church. Now we just need to help her give up all of the Catholic traditions that have been a part of her life since she was born. We keep finding more and more less actives and we are actually starting to get referrals!
Last week we tracted Sister Losario and we went back again this week to teach her. She told us that the missionaries taught her mom when she was in first grade. She is a mom with 5 kids now. They had a really big impact on her. She even remembers their names! That is why she is interested to listen to us now. It reminded me that no effort is wasted!!! Even if it takes 30 years to see the fruits of our labors, we are never wasting our time if we are taking every opportunity to share the gospel. We never know what seed we are planting. I am so thankful to the two Elders that went to the home of Sister Losario when she was just 6 years old. Now her entire family has the chance to hear the gospel.
This week we had a broadcasted Stake Conference. Carol McKonkie was one of the speakers. Her talk was amazing and it was good to hear a familiar voice and see a familiar face. I felt like I was right back at home in the Bonneville chapel. Elder Cook also spoke. His talk was awesome! He talked about two funerals that he attended when he was 25. One he called "Rich" and the other he called "Faithful." The talk was about how we should always put family, the church, and the Savior first in our lives. Before education and occupation. Of course we should seek the best education and occupation that we can, but it should never some before family, the church, and the Savior. In other words we need to have our priorities set. This will lead to happiness and eternal life. The funeral of "Rich" was mostly full of wealthy business men. Not much was said of the Plan of Salvation at his funeral and it wasn't a very happy event. "Rich" was known for his wealth and successful career. "Rich" died with a lot of money, but inactive in the church and not very close with his family. Then there is "Faithful." His funeral was a happy event. Many people attended. There we people of all ages. His funeral was centered on Christ. He was remembered for being a family man and as an influence for good. He died with an average income, but completely active in the church. He left a legacy. Elder Cook asked us to think about who we want to be. He said our choices when we are young will determine our eternities. On my mission it is easy to put the church and the Savior first in my life- but I know that it is something that will be harder after my mission. His talk was so powerful and something that I think we all need to think about. What really are our priorities and where are our choices leading us?
That is all I have this week! I love and miss you all! Have a great week! 
-Sister Gardner

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