Friday, January 23, 2015

10/13/14 lessons to learn

Dearest family and friends,
This week was quite the crazy week. I am exhausted. But I learned a lot. I think Heavenly Father is trying to get me to learn all my lessons before I go home.
 Due to all the craziness, we didn't really get to focus on our area. We still did have awesome work though on the days that we were able to work in our area! We found so many new investigators and had some awesome lessons. We taught Nelo the Restoration. I can see his heart being softened. He asked us why all Mormons are so happy. Well, let me tell you... We also got the Manjares mom and daughter to work with us and had SUCH a spiritual lesson with the Cortez family. We also taught Jose Avila, a less active. He told us that he has become less active because of work, but also because of lack of faith. He knew it. I have though a lot about faith this week. We need faith to endure to the end. We need it to overcome the obstacles in everyday life, if we want to come out strong. But we need to make sure that we are doing our part EACH DAY to nourish our faith. That come through the simple primary answers- reading the Scriptures, praying, going to church, and following the commandment. If anyone has become less active it is because they are lacking in one of those areas. 
This week I have also though a lot about trust. Something I think that sometimes I lack in. It hit me pretty hard one day that the Lord is in charge. This is his vineyard. He knows his sheep. All we need to do is trust Him. Things will be okay as long as we do our best. 
One of the best things about this week was that I got to go on exchanges in Camalig! Twice! I was able to visit the Morada family twice. The second time we taught 6 of the 7 kids together with Rogie as the member present. It was sooo good. Maris came out and listened and accepted a baptismal date. It was so good to be there. It will be my last time to ever teach there. The area is becoming an Elder's area. I am super sad about it, but I know the Lord knows the bigger picture. We also got to visit some of my other favorite members and investigators. Ah I will miss working in Camalig.
The BEST part of the week was General Conference! I loved it! One of the best ones. There was a for sure theme of exact obedience, quick repentance, and following the prophet. All the talks were also so good for missionaries. They were all the missionary lessons. Just so good. I loved, Which way do you face? Christofferson's whole talk about agency and that there is an eternal law and fixed truth. Uchtdorf's was perfect for investigators. "Spiritual truths need spiritual answers from God." Scott's was my favorite. We need to 1. pray 2. read the scriptures daily (more important than sleep, employment, and school- can't wait to try that one on investigators) 3. Have weekly FHE and 4. Attend the temple regularly. If we do these things we claim all the blessings of the Atonement. I also loved Corlos A. Godoy's about good, better, and best. And I LOVED Bednar's talk!! I was just eating it all up and didn't want it to end. You can see how much I have grown on my mission by how much I love conference. We watched in Legazpi and I got to see lots of the Camalig and Legazpi members there! So fun! Rogie and Jason came and loved it. 
I have no time today, but I love you all and miss you! Ingat lagi!
-Sister Gardner

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