Friday, January 23, 2015

6/9/14 Thankful

Dearest family and friends!
It was a pretty good week here in Camalig! Our work was really good at the start of the week, but ended with not much going on and a lot of rejection...but all is well! I hit my 1 year mark- which I still can't believe!!! We celebrated with a cake (not a very good cake, but it's the though that counts). Thinking back on the last year I am just SO thankful that I decided to serve a mission. It is something I will never regret. It hasn't been an easy year, but I have learned so much and had so many life changing experiences. I am so thankful for all the friends I have made and all the lessons that I have learned.
So this week we were able to meet another inactive family. They were some of the pioneers of the church in Camalig and have been sealed in the temple,but for some reason became inactive. They told us they had thrown away their Book of Mormons and were looking for a new religion. We were able to share a message to their daughter and the whole family ended up listening. I could tell that their hearts were touched by the spirit- especially the Tatay. It is amazing what the spirit will do. I hope that we are able to rescue their family, along with the many other less active families here in Camalig.
Things are going really well with our investigator Rogie. His older brother is a recent convert. We were able to meet his brother this week. He is so awesome and a good example for Rogie. Too bad he has work every Sunday!! Anyway, Rogie prayed about Joseph Smith and was explaining the feeling he got and so he knows it is true. Heavenly Father answers prayers! He has also been reading lots in the Book of Mormon. We had an activity on Saturday and he came and was able to get to know the members. Now the trick is getting him to church!! Along with all of our other investigators! Pray for them! We are really struggling right now to get them to church, despite their desire to be baptized. 
This week I was able to finish the Book of Mormon again. Every time that I read the Book of Mormon, I gain a deeper testimony of its truthfulness. I know that the Book of Mormon was inspired to be written for our day. I am so thankful to have the Book of Mormon in my life. It adds a power to our lives that can not be explained. I know that if we will give the time to read the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY that our foundation will be strong and we will be ready to endure all the trails and challenges that come our way, but mostly we will be happy and be closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Our zone got the zone activity this transfer, so this morning we went to some cave in the mountains. It was pretty cool- kinda like timpanogus cave- only REALLY humid. It was a good time though! I bought some sweet crystals and felt like Napolean Dynamite. Then I ate a fish eye. It was gross.
I think the biggest lesson I have learned on my mission is just how important our calling is as missionaries. We only have 18 months or 2 years to give all of our time to the Lord. He needs us to do this work and we can't afford to waste any time. We need to be completely focused and give all that we have to this work. We may be weak and imperfect, but the Atonement will make up for what we lack if we are willing give our everything in order to fulfill this calling.
I love you all so much!!!
-Sister Gardner

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