Friday, January 23, 2015

7/7/14 Celebrations

Another week has gone by! I can't believe it! This week was another good week in Camalig! Lots of celebrations! It was the Legazpi Mission's first birthday! It has officially been open for a year. It is amazing how much progress the mission has made in just one year! President Guanzon is amazing. We also celebrated the Fourth of July by wearing red, white and blue, eating only American food. Yes we made hot dogs. And all the Americans in our zone sang the National Anthem at zone training. Didn't compare to a nice American BBQ and watching the fireworks, but we did our best to bring a little 'merica to the Philippines. It was also my 13 month mark. I can't believe how fast the time is going!
Before coming to email, Sister Phillips and I got locked out of our apartment. (Explains the picture).  My bad for leaving the key...We were ninjas and got in though. After all the cats went in before us. Those cats are going to be the death of me.
Anyway, Camalig is progressing so much! It was so inspired for this area to be opened! Amazing things are happening. #1- Rogie. So ready to be baptized!!! He has been living the Word of Wisdom since the moment we taught it. He said it isn't even hard anymore and he is seeing so many blessings. He said he feels healthy and he doesn't get as tired anymore. He always tells us just how happy he feels. We did service for his family this week. We washed their clothes and then we were able to teach his mom and his sister. They said Rogie told them all about his experience at church the week before and how happy he was. I hope that will help them want to come! We have an appointment to teach the entire family this week! Rogie came to church again on Sunday! He was a little late- so I was freaking out that he wasn't going to show up...and then he walked in! He even wore a white button up shirt. Everyone was so nice to him again. He already seems like a part of the ward. I was so happy on Sunday, despite how exhausted I was. If Rogie keeps coming to church he will baptized on the 26th! 
#2- Daldet came to church! She has been inactive for about 3 years and we have been teaching her son. He always comes to church and could be baptized, but we have been trying to wait until we get his mom active again. She FINALLY came to church yesterday. She brought all of her kids and was so happy at church. Such a miracle! 
#3- the Ajero Family. Brother Ajero was a referral from a member. We have been trying to teach him for about 2 weeks, but he never will let us so we always teach his wife (who is SOOO halarious). This week we were able to bring the member with us to teach them and brother finally faced us. Members are SO important in missionary work. We had such a good lesson with them and they both committed to be baptized. They both really want to change their lives and know this is the right path for them because of the example they have seen of their friend who is a member. Now we just need to get them to church!
Fast Sunday is my new favorite Sunday. We mainly fasted this week for people to come to church and so many people came! The Camalig Ward was full and the spirit was so strong through all the meetings. The testimonies were just what our investigators and less active members needed to hear. The Camalig ward is just so amazing. 
This week I was thankful for Prophets. It is truly amazing that we have a living Prophet. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he directs His Church through living Prophets. We are so blessed to be able to receive revelation for our day. The words of the prophets have blessed me so much throughout my life and especially on my mission.
I love you all!!! Have an amazing week!
-Sister Gardner

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