Friday, January 23, 2015

6/30/14 I love Camalig!

Dear Family and Friends,
It was a really awesome week of work! We had a lot of miracles and just really good lessons! I love Camalig so much. I don't want to leave! 
On Tuesday I had exchanges with Sister Marila. We lived in the same apartment during my first transfer on the mission. It was so fun to catch up and talk about all the good Legazpi times. She is such an amazing teacher and I learned so much from her. We taught a lot of good lessons and discovered a whole new part of our area. We taught a less active in our area that had a stroke a few years ago. She cried a lot during the lesson. It broke my heart. She is so lonely and bored all the time. I hope that our visits can help her at least get some peace.
This week we had an amazing lesson with Daldet. She is a less active and we have been trying to get her to come to church since we got here so that her son can be baptized. We taught her about the strippling warriors and how important the example of a mother is for her children. Me and my comp both talking about what the example of our mothers has done for our lives. Guaranteed tears for any missionary. At the end when the spirit was really strong we asked her if she would come to church and she said yes. The first time she has ever committed to come. We were shocked...and then she didn't come. We found out it was because of a funeral though so NEXT WEEK! 
Our golden investigator right now is Rogie. His older brother is a member and we have been teaching him for about a month. On Saturday we taught him about the Word of Wisdom. He has problems with cigarettes and drinking mainly due to the influence of friends. He said he wanted to live it and he would try, but that he knew it would be really hard. He didn't seem sure that he could do it. We focused on the blessing of living it and ways he could gain strength. We testified of how different his life will be, especially in the future if he will live the Word of Wisdom. We left the lesson a little worried. So then on Sunday he came to church for the first time!!! The ward was SO amazing at welcoming him!! He instantly had friends. It was amazing to see. After church he even was invited to eat lunch with some of the members. The Camalig ward is so amazing at making our investigators feel welcome. After church we taught Rogie at the chapel. A return sister missionary and a recent convert that is his same age sat in on the lesson. Rogie really opened up. He said the he knows our message is true because he feels so happy ever since we began to teach and that all of his questions are answered through the lessons and the Book of Mormon. He said he has been searching different religions for a long time, but he hasn't found one with all the answers until we came and started teaching him. He said that last night he was really tired, but knew he should read the Book of Mormon, so he started to read and the tiredness completely disappeared. I know that Heavenly Father is working with Rogie and answering his prayers. So then we followed up about his word of wisdom. He said he is clean so far, but that it has been SO hard for him. We focused on ways he can find strength. I have been praying so hard for him. I hope that he can overcome it and so he can be baptized in 4 weeks. The recent convert was able to testify that he was able to overcome his addictions also and now he has never been so happy. Members are so important in helping investigators in their conversion process.
This week we had lots of funny things happen to us. I got proposed to by a nasty old man that is convinced his is coming back to the US with me. Going to need an extra plane ticket. We drank juice boxes with a 60 year old woman that kept saying we were her new best friends. We also OYMed a lady that when came fully out of her house...was not fully dressed... (ask me the full story after my mission- one of the best ones I have experienced so far). My comp lost it laughing and I had to finish her sentence while I was trying not to laugh. I ended up basically throwing a pass along card at her and running away before I broke out laughing. Good times.
This week I have been so into my studies. All I want to do it study lately. The gospel is so amazing. I love the scriptures. It is all so interesting. I am such a nerd. I can't wait to have all the time in the world to study the scriptures. I know that this gospel is a gospel of progression. We all can't be perfect at once, but we can progress day by day and be the people that our Heavenly Father knows and intended for us to be. We just need to be completely committed to the gospel and make it our number one priority. 
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Me and my american comp are going all out on friday with american food. It is going to be so great! Bringing good old 'Merica to the Pinnes.
I love you all and miss you!!! The time is flying wayyyy fast! I can't believe it!  
-Sister Gardner

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