Friday, January 23, 2015

8/25/14 Faith baga

Family and Friends!
Another super fast week! I can't believe how fast each week is! According to my dad and Sarah I have 100 days left. haha. Lots of mixed emotions about that. 
This week was a busy one! It started out by me and my comp being designated to cook the Elder's turkey that they have been raising for the past week. They didn't understand that you have to feed it- so it was mostly bone. haha.  On Tuesday morning we had district service in Camalig. We dug and dug and dug and layed out anahaw leaves to dry to make the roof of the house. It was HOT, but we had fun! 
On Wednesday we had exchanges. I was companions with Sister Hafoka. We got tons of lessons and had fun! Sister Hafoka is loud and halarious, but also so sweet. There is never a dull moment with Sister Hafoka.  
Our area still struggles, but we are seeing progression each week! The investigators that we have are really progressing! Lots of baptismal dates..but no one coming to church. We are struggling to find new investigators, but we got a few referrals on Sunday so that should result in some new investigators. Despite the struggles, I love our area and I love the people here. Me and comp have fun no matter how many times we get denied! We just keep walking in circles in our tiny area. Ikot ikot lang, ikot ikot lang. 
My favorite lesson this week was with the Ng family. They were taught by the missionaries before and we just recently starting to teach them again. 2 of the 4 children passed away and the dad just passed away last month. Now it is the mom, her 23 year old daughter Ilyn and her 26 year old son. They are so nice and so prepared for the gospel. We started to teach the plan of salvation and eternal families. The spirit was so strong! I am excited to teach them again. I know that the gospel will bring hope to their family. 
This week I have been studying a lot about faith. Especially in Alma 32. It is so important for investigators to obtain faith in Jesus Chirst. Without faith they will never progress or keep commitments. At first our faith is just a seed, but if we give it the right nourishment it will become a tree. It we stop nourishing our faith it will become weak and eventually die. If we want our investigators to ever obtain eternal life we need to help them build their faith, and if we want to return to our Heavenly Father, we need to nourish our faith every day. Faith baga. 
Sorry my email is not too exciting. I am not feeling too well. But have a great week! See you in 100 days! I love you all!
-Sister Gardner

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