Friday, January 23, 2015

7/7/14 Amazing Things Are Happening

Family and Friends!
I just love Camalig! It was another great week! The time is flying by so fast. I can't believe it. I wish it would just slow down! We are seeing a lot of miracles in Camalig. It still has its struggles and is still for sure my hardest area, but it is amazing to see the progression since we opened the area and AMAZING things are happening. We are really getting lost in the work which is making the weeks seem like days.
Starting last monday night... All our appointments fell through so we decided to tract so we could at least get one appointment on pday. We saw a house on our street that we had never seen before and were prompted to tract we did and the lady let us right in. She is so prepared. Most of her extended family are members. She started crying during the lesson. Things are really hard for her right now. We were definitely an answer to her prayers. She really needed comfort. We are excited to visit her again tonight! We also found another person that is super prepared by tracting. Joe Boy. His best friend is Mormon and he thinks really highly of all members. He attended Church a lot with his friend when he was younger and is really excited that we will be teaching him. And one more... We found the nicest lady ever (again by tracting). She has 4 adorable kids and her husband passed away recently. She also knows members that have been a good influence on her and is also really willing to listen to our message. So I know that sometimes tracting isn't the most effective way to work, but is seems to work for us! The Lord prepares people, we just have to find them!
Yesterday was the best day at church (well despite the fact that Rogie didn't show up)- but other than that- so many people were there! Over 100! That is so many compared to the usual 60. So many less actives and we had 4 investigators show up! One of them is someone that we taught almost 3 months ago and haven't seen since! 
So now the best for last! Rogie! So golden, except for almost giving me a stress attack when he didn't show up for church yesterday. Longest 3 hours of my life. These investigators are killing me. But I guess that he had to go to work in the morning and when he got home it was already 10 and he thought he couldn't be late. We told him that even if he is late- just come! His friends that he invited even waited at his house for him! Sayang! We went to visit him last night and when we got there he had his pamphlets and his Book of Mormon laid out of the floor and he was studying. So golden. His shirt was also hung up, ironed, and ready for church. So that made us feel better. We had a lot of good lessons with Rogie this week. He is seriosuly the best investigator. One day he made a list of questions for us that he came up with while he was studying. He also told us that is is "handa handa" or super ready for his baptism. He is so excited. He said that he told all his friends that he won't drink anymore and they were all really nice about it, so that is a relief. He always says in his prayers that he is thankful for how much his life has changed. I am so thankful that I can be a part of Rogie's conversion. It is seriously the best thing ever to be a missionary and see lives change every day! I don't want it to end. I love my mission. 
I love and miss you all! Have a good week!
-Sister Gardner

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