Friday, January 23, 2015

11/3/14 People at Church!

Dearest Family and Friends, 
What a week! The time keeps flying by! This week was a little bit of a different week. We had awesome work at the start of the week! Nelo told us he wanted to be baptized, we found more families to teach, and we taught a lot of less active lessons about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. But on Wednesday my companion starting getting really horrible back pain. Turns out she has a slipped disk and so we have just been going to the doctor, mission home and trying to get her better. I feel so bad for her. She is in such pain 24/7. So I have just been doing a lot of studying and letter writing most of the week.
It was a good week though! I made Roti all on my own. My companion is turning me into an Indian. One night we had a mini FHE in our apartment during dinner time to cheep up Sister Boddupalli. I had an epic fall while proselyting. Don't worry, lots of people saw. AND people came to church!!! Even though we barely got to work! People showed up to church! One of our inactive members showed up with his 3 part member daughters. Being bold and loving in lessons really works. Then Kasey Cortez came again all by herself. 
Last night we got to go to a Broadcast for the whole Philippines area. Elder Oaks spoke along with his wife and other general authorities. It was so good! Elder Oaks spoke about living the gospel culture and how it should override all other cultures. Just some really powerful talks. Plus I got to see the members from Camalig and Legazpi! Always amazing! 
My favorite moment this week was when we were teaching the Cortez family and one of the grandkids was asleep, but heard my voice and so he came out to listen. 2 year old Noy is my favorite. (I sent a picture of him). He is ADORABLE.
This week I got my flight plans. Things are getting real. Still doesn't feel like it though. 
I love and miss you all! Have a good week! See you in a month!
-Sister Gardner

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