Friday, January 23, 2015

10/6/14 Progression

Family and Friends!
Another week has raced by! Seems unreal. We had a great week though! 
On Tuesday we had MLC. It was all about increasing finding and improving teaching in order to increase convert baptisms. It was a really good meeting. I got a better vision of the work and learned about how to be a better leader. My comp and I were inspired to work more with the members in our ward and it is already happening! The area around our Bishop's house is so progressing! It helps sooo much to work with the members. We are getting so many referrals in just one tiny street. 
My favorite thing at MLC was a video the APs made about obedience. It was all funny, but Elder Kelley, one of the office Elders dressed up as a girl by putting a mop on his head to act out a Nanay (they were showing that you can't teach nanays if you are an Elder without another male). Anyway, it was halarious. I was dying laughing. If you knew Elder Kelley you would die too. He reminds me of Chris Farley. 
One of my favorite lessons this week was with April and her mom. We tracted them and at first they were very clear to us that they were Catholic and hesitant to listen, but by the end of the lesson they were both in tears. We found out that the dad had died on Aug. 30th and they were just really struggling. We taught about Heavenly Father's love for us, Jesus Christ and His Atonement and Eternal Families. We promised that if they would continue to listen to us that they would know how their family could be eternal. The mom told us that she always feels sad, but that she felt happy when we were there. It was a heartbreaking, but sweet experience. 
We taught Nelo again. My absolute favorite. He is so funny and sweet. His grandkids are all so cute too. They love when we come over. My favorite is Oliver. I will have to take a picture. His smile makes my day. Nelo has been really sick but he told us he would do his best to get to church soon. He understands the doctrine so well. 
This week we had an experience with someone who was just flat out rude to us. We have an area that is super close to the church, but everyone there is super catholic. Some people like us there, but very few. Most people try to avoid us haha. But we always work there at night and one night this guy approached us and told us that we shouldn't bug people at night. He said they have their own lives and religion. He said that they don't need to change their religion, just themselves. If only he knew what we were offering. Our message accepted and acted upon is the way to change. The gospel changes human nature. Don't worry he will see us 'bugging people' every night. 
Another day we were walking along and this younger boy (Francis) started walking really close to us and looked really worried, so we asked him if he was okay. He told us that he was trying to get home, but there was a dog on his street and so he couldn't get back. I think he was scared of dogs. So we walked him back to his house, past the scary dog and he was so happy. It was adorable. Unplannedactsofservicebaga.
On Friday we had Zone Training. SO good! I love our zone! My companion gave her testimony because she leaves in 2 weeks. It hit me pretty hard that that will be me next zone training. So weird. 
On Saturday we got to watch the General Women's Meeting online. It was sooo good! I loved the theme of temples and letting our light shine. Just like temples, we should be beacons to the world. Latter Day Saint women have been placed all over the world, just like temples and we need to glow just like the temples. Of course I LOVED Uchtfor's talk. He is always my favorite. So true that as we live ALL the commandments we come to understand what it truly means to be a child of God. I can hardly wait to watch General Conference this week! Between that and exchanges in Camalig, it will be a great week. Hopefully the Mayon doesn't decided to errupt. The news is that is going to pop any minute now. 
That is all I have for the week! Miss and love you all! 
-Sister Gardner

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