Friday, January 23, 2015

8/4/14 Transfers

So much has happened this week with transfers! On Monday night I had to say goodbye to all the members in Camalig. It was so hard. We had a ward home evening and so many of the members came! At one point they all went around and said something to Elder Nelson (the other Elder that got transferred) and I. It was so sweet of them! The Camalig Ward is THE BEST! Then we played games and said goodbye. The whole night we kept joking that Elder Nelson and I would just be transferred to Guinobatan (the town over)...then came transfer day and guess where we were both transferred? Guinobatan! haha. I was shocked! I am in the same zone and district. I even get to go on exchanges in Camalig with my old comp! It worked out perfect because I was so sad about leaving Camalig. My companion is Sister Marila! She was one of the Sisters in my apartment when I first got on my mission. So we know each other already- not a hard adjustment. We have just been having fun everyday and reminiscing on the good old Legazpi days. The other Sisters in our apartment are also way fun. It has just been a happy week, despite the missing all the people in Camalig.
Our work this week included a lot of finding! We are trying to build our teaching pool and really find those who have been prepared. Tracting always makes for good laughs. There are also a lot of awesome people that the sisters here were already teaching! Hopefully we will see a lot of success this transfer! 
I already have a lot of favorite members here in Guinobatan. 1. The Maron family. They are an old couple that are so faithful and sweet. The live in the middle of no where and have a small farm. That is how they make their living. Despite how old they are they still work so hard. I just love them. 2. The Brohan Family. Basta- they are the best. So funny and nice to the missionaries. 3. Tatay Astor. hahaha. He is an old less active that...I don't even know. He just talks and talks and talk and says the most ridicilous things. I love it. I was trying so hard not to laugh the whole lesson. I lost it a few times and my comp was just gone. She was dying laughing. I learned from Tatay that Joseph Smith is God through Jesus Christ haha. Jerusalem is in Utah. And that is "Philosophy." Ah so funny.
The time is flying so fast. It is so weird! I think one of the biggest things I have learned on my mission so far is that love is the secret to this work. If you love those you teach, you will automatically do all that you can to help them accept the gospel. They will feel God's love through you and be willing to act on your message. If you love them you will not think about yourself. If you love your companion, you will work in unity to help the people in your area. If you love Heavenly Father you will be obedient and do all you can to help His children return to him. If you love Jesus Christ you will do all you can to become like Him. Without love this work would be impossible and it would be miserable. So love those around you! 
I LOVE you all!!
-Sister Gardner

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