Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5/5/14 FHE

Family and Friends,
The internet decided to be really slow today, so I don't have lots of time, but I will try my best to give a good update of what is going on here in good old Camalig! This week was a little slow, with a lot of ups and downs and lots of heat and humidity, but of course- every week is a good week of growth and experience here on the mission! I will just go day by day I guess-
Tuesday- An okay day of work. We found a less active member that we have been trying to find forever and taught Dante- which is always spiritual. His prayers kill me. Without fail he cries every time.
Wednesday- Exchanges! I was with Sister Aholelei and so of course we had such a good time and had lots of laughs! We got tons of lessons and found lots of new people to teach, too bad it was in her area! She called a little girl "guapo" (which means handsome) because she thought it was a boy- while we were trying to OYM to this lady. Yeah, she didn't let us teach her haha. I also got to play with a puppy that lives next door to the Guino Batan sisters apartment. Definitely a highlight of my week.
Thursday- The day of zero lessons. We walked our ENTIRE area, and nothing. We were dead tired. The people LOVE us here. I slept really good that night.
Friday- We found a less active member that was Relief Society President and Young Womens president when she was active, but then has been inactive for 5 years due to being offended and the bad example of members. She was really surprised to see us, but really touched and was teary during the lesson. She says that every time she sees the church she wished she could come back. She said she will always know that this is the true church. We testified that it is never too late to come back and that just because the doctrine of the church is perfect, doesn't mean the members are. I hope that we can help her to return. It can be hard to watch members break commandments, when they should know better, but it should never affect our view of the church and our devotion to our Heavenly Father. Everyone has agency and everyone's level of conversion is different.
Saturday- A good day of work! We were busy and didn't need to tract or wonder where to go! One of out areas has two really active families and then a few part member families. We are really focusing there- trying to teach the part members and get referrals. The problem is- all these kids want to be baptized, but can't be until their parents are or their parents are reactivated. Their hearts are slowly being softened though! Our last appointment was with the Solano family- and I guess they thought that we said FHE and invited their extended family- so we pulled together an FHE in 2 minutes while pretending we knew it was an FHE all along. They even cooked for us- but we hasd to awkwardly refuse because we were fasting. I felt so bad. It was super fun though and we were all laughing hard during the games. It is tradition here that when you lose a game you have to do a talent. Their cousin- he is probably 7 or 8- sang "let it go" for us and it was so halarious. He is short and chubby and got so into it. Too good!
Sunday- A good day at church. Not too many people came, but some of the members from my first area were visiting so that was fun to see them!
That is about it for this week! I am so excited for Mother's Day! 
I love and miss you all! Have a good week!
-Sister Gardner

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