Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3/2/14 A Bit Deaf

Family and Friends:

This week was a little crazy, but good! We had mission tour, so we traveled to the mainland and got to listen to President Ardern and Sister Ardern speak. They are so powerful. They really talked about the importance of this work. President Ardern quoted President Spencer W. Kimball "If you knew what I know, you would run from door to door.”  They talked about not only the impact we have on those we teach, but the impact that our missions will have on us and our families for generations. Each day I am thankful for what my mission has done for my life, and I know I will be even more grateful in the future. The thing that President Ardern said that stood out to me the most was that we have 1.5 or 2 years to serve, and then the rest of our lives to reflect on how we served. I want to give my mission everything that I have so that I have no regrets when I get home and I know that I gave my absolute best so that the Lord could work miracles through me! 

Work was good this week, even though due to an ear infection I had a really hard time hearing what people were saying to me. It felt like when I first got here and I might has well have been deaf because I didn't understand anyone anyway. My comp also had a few good laughs in lessons when I had no clue how loud I was talking. I finally went to a doctor though and they gave me medicine, so it should get better. The only question they asked me was if I had taken a bath in the ocean lately haha. Only in the Philippines do they ask you that at the doctor.
The best part about this week was church. The worst part was right before church when you are waiting to see who will come. These investigators like to wait until the last minute to show up. It almost gives me a heart attack each week. But literally so many people came to church! Fasting is real people! The ENTIRE Oring family came and LOVED it! Rosalie came with all her younger kids, Marilyn came and of course smiled the entire time, and even 70 year old Tatay Dominidor walked all the way from the mountain in the burning hot weather! Talk about Golden investigators! Rosalie is so ready for baptism. It is all she can talk about. I am so excited for her. She has the strongest testimony! We are having FHE at their house tomorrow and when we went over on Wednesday she was waxing the bamboo floors to get ready. She is my favorite! The work is so good right now here on Masbate! I am so pumped about our area and if I get transfered I think that maybe I will just not show up to transfer point.
My half way mark is on Wednesday! It has gone CRAZY fast! I am right on the top of the Mayon right now! 

Sorry no pictures this week, my memory card got a virus...hopefully I can get it fixed or that means all my pictures from Masbate are gone...

Love and miss you all! 

-Sister Gardner

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