Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1/27/14 All is Possible

Mga kaibigan at pamilya ko! 

So much has happened this week! Some not so good-like dropping investigators and such, but mostly lots and lots of miracles and learning experiences! First about Rosalie! So she came to church last week and this week with her kids. Last week when we asked her how her first experience at Church was she went off for 30 minutes about how amazing it was. She told us all the differences between our church and her church and talked about how much she learned and how good she felt after. She said she loved how Christ centered our church was and there were no other distractions or focuses. In that same lesson she told us all the blessings that her family has received ever since we started visiting her. She told us that sometimes her neighbors give her crap because she is Catholic, but becoming Mormon and she told us she doesn't listen to them. She just continues inviting them to church and taking their kids with her. Yesterday before church we went to teach her about baptism. She told us that her number one priority right now is baptism. We explained that we baptize at age 8 and she started telling us all the kids in her neighborhood that were older than 8 that needed to be baptized haha. She is so amazing and ready! We are teaching her kids later today and her husband later in the week! She said her husband is coming to church with her this coming Sunday. Our investigator Marilyn also told us that her life has gotten so much better ever since we started coming. Between Marilyn and Rosalie I have gained such a testimony that Heavenly Father really does bless those that keep his commandments and are seeking for the truth. He is working right along side all of His missionaries. Sometimes I forget that we as missionaries do so little in the conversion process, the conversion really takes place between God and the investigator.

This week we were so thankful for our investigator Ray! Whenever people wouldn't let us teach them we would seem to run into him walking and he would ask us if we would come teach him! He also introduced us to a bunch of his friends that we have been able to start teaching. Ray kills me. He is so dramatic. He should really join drama class. We left him 1 Nephi 4 to read and he was appauled that Nephi killed Laban. Like he could NOT get over it. We taught him about the spirit in that lesson and it was cool he said that he has heard "Holy Ghost" his whole life, but that just now he actually knew what it meant. It is nice to have an investigator that wants us to teach them and would be completely content with being taught every day.

On Saturday a member worked with us and introduced us to a family that we are now teaching. They are so awesome and such good people! They are caretakers at Tugbo elementary school and such a cute family. How fun for those kids to get to just hang around and play at an elementary school all day. That would have been my dream when I was little. They are so excited that we are teaching them. It was funny I guess the mom sees us around a lot and she said that she always hears people tell their kids to close the door and say that they aren't home when they see us coming. hahaha. We were dying! We always get the "my mom said she isn't home" from the little kids. 

The best thing ever happened last night! Roeal and his wife both texted us saying that they really miss us coming over and teaching them and they want us to come back. I am not sure what the reasons are but we are hoping that it is because they have been pondering about out message or reading in the Book of Mormon or something. Either way, I am excited to see them again and hopefully teach them again. That is always what I looked forward to each week and now it is sad not getting to teach them. They are SUCH amazing people! 

My mind was blown this week! I discovered why the song from a walk to remember says "Someday we'll know why Samson loved Delilah." My comp clued me in on why and we read the story in the bible. The main message of the story is really about weaknesses and it got us thinking about weaknesses this week. Satan really does tempt our weaknesses, especially when we are about to do something great. Think of Joseph Smith in the sacred grove before Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared. Or when your investigator is supposed to be baptized in 2 weeks and then they decided to not show up to church. He knows how to keep us from reaching our potential, but the best part is that righteousness is stronger than wickedness. We all know that in the end good will overpower the evil, we just have to endure and build barriers around our weaknesses so that Satan can have no power over us. Like in Mosiah- we have to put off the natural man and become Saints. This is all possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I am loving each day here on Masbate! Me and my companion are not looking forward to transfers, because it probably means new companions. Our companionship has been too good to be true. We have so many awesome people we are teaching right now and whoever gets transferred is going to be devastated! 
I hope that you all have a great week! Know that you are all in my prayers! MAHAL KITA! 

-Sister Gardner

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