Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/7/13--Transfer Day is Coming

4 months down! Mabilis ng horas!
This week was so good! Definitely one of the best weeks of my mission so far! My companion- Sister Feinga is going home and I think her leaving made me realize how much I don't want to leave anytime soon. As she said goodbye to all the members and our investigators I was so glad that I didn't have to say goodbye. I didn't realize how attatched I am. So transfer day is tomorrow. I will get my new companion! I will be leading the area here in Legazpi! I am a little scared, but super excited. Our area will be split. Our teaching pool has become so big that we weren't having enough time to visit everyone, so the Elders took some of our area because their teaching pool was small. I am sad because that is where my first baptisms would have been. An 11 year old boy and the Malacad family, pero okay lang- the Elders will do a great job and we will be able to focus on our progressing investigators in the rest of our area and find more people to teach!
Sister Mataele will be transferred and so my buddy in the apartment will be gone. I think that is going to be pretty hard for me, but I am glad that we were able to become such close friends and it will be fun to see her later on in the mission! Elder Collado is also getting transferred out of our district. He will be missed for sure! He was the best district leader. I never though transfers would be hard in the mission, but is a lot harder than I though. You get close to people really fast in the mission and it's hard when everything changes.
Because Sister Feinga is going home and Sister Mataele is being transferred everyone in our ward wanted to feed us. We had at least one dinner appointment each day. Too much food this week! Last night we had 2 dinners in a row. The Nelsons took us to Sina Una on Saturday. They are so nice! I am glad I am staying in the same area. Then me and Sister Mataele made 2 legit meals because it was Sister Feinga's birthday. For breakfast we made crepes, hashbrowns, eggs, and fried rice and then for dinner we made mashed potatoes and ribs with this sauce and apples. Top Chef status. Mom, you would be so proud! I am learning how to cook actual meals!
So on Tuesday we had MLC and then Zone Training on Friday. They raised the standards of excellence, which I am actually excited about. I know we can teach a lot more lessons as a mission and find more investigators each week. I am excited to try and reach the goals. This week I really just gained a desire to work my very hardest.
This week we had an awesome lesson with John (Our investigator at the Guanzons). We taught him the Word of Wisdom. He was so thankful for the lesson. He kept telling us how thankful he was and how he would try his hardest to follow it. He is so amazing. He already has such a strong testimony. We are still working on getting him to church and figuring out his work schedule. He reads everything we ask him to and always participates in the lessons! GOLDEN! So then there is Ella May- I talked about her last week. She is so awesome!!! She always reads and she always tells us she wants to make it to the Celestial Kingdom- there is just one problem we found out this week...Her boyfriends is her that will be a fun one. Our Zone Leaders were making fun of us because we have the most complicated problems with our investigators. It would take me too long to tell about all of them. We decided though that there needs to be 'The District- Philippines edition' because nothing prepares you for a mission here. Just expect the unexpected. We got a lot of new investigators this week! My favorite in Ginolane- he is 9 years old, his parents are less active. Teaching little kids is so nice because I can just keep it simple. He will be baptized on November 9th! Probably my first baptism! This week I was on exchanges with a Sister that used to be assigned in my area. We decided to go visit someone she had OYMed to when she was here. I am so glad we did! First of all, the view was amazing, we climbed this neverending hill and then the view was of the Mayon and the city. But they were so awesome! They are anxious for us to come back! They are a young couple with a new baby. They are super nice and already were saying they want to cook for us. I am so excited!
So this week was super awesome! I wish I had they time to talk about all of our investigators and all the members each week, but there are too many of them! I miss you all so much! Love you!! MAHAL KITA!
-Sister Gardner

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